Thursday, March 24, 2005


to RI boys

hello RI boys

in case you didn't know, i'm uncle daniel, the one you refer to as the bishan gay or whatever. i'm not gay, i'm a paedophile. firstly an intro about me. i'm a sick shit who likes to sit at kfc or delifrance or once in a while macdonalds. i pretend to write assessment books, but what i'm actually doing is hanging around to stare at you guys. if i'm free i also like to tail some of you home. i used to teach geog in your school till i got jailed for molestation. but i don't regret it because it was worth it. now i have grown old and i am content just to sit around and smile. i am instantly recognisable through my spectacle bands, suitcase, discman and of course my trademark smile. hope to see you soon once school reopens after your ilearning.

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